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Who can join SIBioC?

Full membership is open to anyone with a university degree in medicine and surgery, chemistry, industrial chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and biological science, as well as to those with professional, scientific or cultural relations to the field of clinical biochemistry.

Technicians and any others active in the field of the clinical biochemistry are welcomed as qualified associate members

SIBioC benefits

  • Free subscription to Biochimica Clinica and special subscription fees to Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)
  • Free online access to Biochimica Clinica and CCLM contents
  • Free admission or reduction on the registration fees for meetings promoted by SIBioC (link al calendario)
  • Free online access to official documents (protocols, guidelines, other) edited by International organizations (IFC, CLSI, others)
  • Special Registration fees for professional training courses promoted by the Residentail Training School in Laboratory Medicine (SPML) con link alla Scuola
  • Possibility to join the European Register for the specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • Possibility to join Working Groups

For more information kindly contact the SIBioC secretariat