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Articoli con TAG: chronic liver disease

Comparison of albumin-bilirubin grade with Child-Pugh and Model for End Stage Liver Disease scores in chronic liver disease
<p>Introduction: chronic liver diseases are characterized by injury to hepatocytes, chronic inflammation and progressive substitution of liver parenchyma by scar tissue or fibrosis. Albumin-bilirubin grade (ALBI) includes serum albumin and bilirubin levels, two most commonly performed and cost-effective parameters measured in the Clinical Laboratory. This study aims to establish an association between ALBI grade and Model for End stage Liver Disease (MELD) and Child-Pugh (CP) scores among chronic liver disease patients.<br />Methods: after ethical approval, information such as age, gender, provisional diagnosis, serum albumin and serum total bilirubin levels, prognostic scores of patients with liver disease were obtained from patient records. Albumin-bilirubin grading system was calculated as following: [log10 bilirubin (&mu;mol/L) &times; 0.66] + [albumin (g/L) &times; &minus;0.0852].<br />Results: this cross-sectional descriptive study recruited 100 patients with chronic liver disease and 100 healthy controls. Alcoholism was the common aetiology among the cases. ALBI was calculated; the mean (SD) grade among cases and controls were -0.94 (0.15) and -3.17 (0.23) respectively with a p-value of &lt;0.001.There was statistically significant difference in ALBI grades between CP scores B and C (p value = 0.001). Pearson&rsquo;s correlation between MELD score and ALBI grade showed a statistically significant correlation (r = 0.723 with significance 0.001).<br />Discussion: our study demonstrated that there was a significant association between ALBI grade and the most commonly used prognostic scores such as CP and MELD.</p>
Biochimica Clinica ; 17(1)
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